"I attended Jason’s bootcamp. Having done several deals over the years I was not new to most of the methods that were taught. At least that’s what I thought. After listening to Jason for three days, I came away with a whole new way of analyzing potential deals. I realized that I had probably passed up thousands of dollars by being too narrowly focused on one or two ways of doing things. Using Jason’s Progressive Sales Approach helped me to see possibilities that I missed before. Jason teaches ideas that work in the real world because, unlike many others, he is out there actually doing deals every day. With so many self proclaimed “Gurus” in this business who just don’t deliver, working with someone who under promises and over delivers is refreshing to say the least. Jason Dillard is the Real Deal. By the way, I recovered the cost of the bootcamp plus fourteen hundred dollars on my first assignment using Jason’s methods."

-Jim Winkler

I have been investing with Jason Dillard Real Estate since 2008.  At the time, my goal was to diversify my portfolio away from the stock market, but I had no experience doing anything else.  I attended the Investment Workshop with Jason and I liked what I heard.  I’ve been an investor ever since.  Jason and his team made the process very simple for me.  Their honesty and integrity was evident from the start.  Every step was explained and the terms for each investment have been fair, equitable, and flexible enough to fit both our needs.  It has been my pleasure doing business with the men and women of Jason Dillard real estate ever since.

"I would certainly recommend your materials to any beginning real estate investor or to the veteran real estate investor who is looking for other ways to make money with real estate."

-Juan M.

"I have over 3 years experience in real estate investing, and I learned more in 2 hours with Jason than I learned in my entire first year.”

-Denise P.

"Thanks for your help. I have read many books on real estate investing, but learned more than ever today about “real world” investing from a beginner standpoint. Looking for a great investment future.”

-David P.

"Thanks to Jason, I jumped into the real estate game rolling on 10 tires...Now, look how the table has turned. I went from no money with bad credit to paying off debt and money for my pocket."

-Charles W.

“Thank you, Jason, for the seminar in Columbia!! I appreciated the fact that it was not only immensely informative but you were candid and transparent about your mistakes so that we could learn what NOT to do…. I liked your flexibility. Although you did not stage this, the highlight of the seminar, at least for me, was your phone call from the desperate lady in the North Main area who needed to unload her house due to family difficulties. Right before our very eyes you were “fleshing out” what you had just taught us—a powerful reinforcement to be sure! It not only opened the window on the “how to” of the nuts and bolts of this business, but it was an eye-opener to the power of this business in truly filling a need and helping people. For those looking for personal fulfillment and inspiration in their work, it was deeply moving to me to sense how in one phone conversation you were able to give that lady hope and something to cling to in her hour of darkest need.—And that’s a powerful thing!! … Thank you for a tremendous day in Columbia, and my husband and I both agree that the distance was definitely worth the drive.

-Molly Bulla

I want to express my deep appreciation for Mr. Jason Dillard and his awesome expertise in mentoring me through my first few wholesale deals. I'm a novice investor and recently attended a couple of his wholesale focus group meetings. Soon after attending his meetings, I spotted a deal which had wholesale potential. Being that it was my first potential deal, I called Mr. Dillard to help me though the process from beginning to end. He was more than willing to break the information down for me patiently so that I could easily grasp it. We ended up partnering on the deal, and we closed the deal in about two weeks with thousands of dollars in both of our pockets. The seller was happy to get rid of the property. We were extremely happy with the outcome, and the buyer was very happy to be able to have purchased the property at still such an unbelievably wholesale price. It was truly a win for all, and my knowledge in wholesaling real estate has grown tediously since we've been working together. I'm now aggressively pursuing more deals with confidence.

-Gordy Owens

I now own a beautiful house that I paid only $10.00 for---within forty days, I placed a tenant buyer…they put $6500 down…other than the first $10.00 that I put into this property, I’ve not put another dime into this property. That’s what I call doing it right"

-Janice Myers

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