The news over the last few years has made us all more careful about how we handle the money we've earned.  But while trends come and go, intelligent investment based on REAL VALUE has always been the bedrock of personal wealth.

Jason Dillard knows that NOW is the moment to use this time-tested investment tool.  At Jason Dillard's real estate firm - DHP Real Estate, LLC, the expert team uses their experience to help individuals find smart investment opportunities.

We recognize that many people are interested in real estate investments but do not have the time, knowledge or experience to make smart, long-term real estate investments.  The process can be quite intimidating and there are many challenging issues to consider.

Jason's top 3 recommendations:





  • Become a 1st Mortgage holder on an Investment Property at a Fixed Return and Low Investment
    • Invest with low risk and immediate return
    • Safe - your dollars are protected with a mortgage and property
    • We are now offering a 6% fixed annualized return
    • Reasonable terms - 3 to 10 years
    • Start with as little as $20,000 or go up to $80,000+

Example:  Lend $50,000 on a investment property that is worth $80,000 and rents for $800/month.  As the 1st mortgage holder – you would receive 250/month or $3000/year in interest!


  • We find the house - your money earns up to 8%
    • Secure a property that will sell for 30% more than your investment
    • Become our lender and we do the work - contractors, materials, insurance, and marketing
    • Short Term investing - flips take one year or less to see a return

Example: Start with a $100,000 loan on a property.  Remodeled and SOLD for $150,000 -  6 months later -  Our lender receives back $104,000.


  • Join us from the ground up
    • Start at $100,000 and go up!
    • Subdivisions, commercial property, multi-unit properties and more
    • Longer term investing - 2-4 years
    • Our lenders earn up to 12% on secured dollars over time


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