Jason Dillard is a local real estate investor and coach. As a South Carolina native, he started dabbling in real estate over 16 years ago, and is passionate about helping people find creative solutions to their real estate problems.

At the start of his career, Jason took many more risks than he does today. He bought houses using traditional bank financing, big down payments, and stayed stressed as a busy landlord. Now, he uses proven and easier methods to buy houses with less risk and more flexibility.

Jason believes that real estate is the most secure way to build wealth and sustainable passive income. As a seasoned and active investor, Jason has the experience and knowledge necessary to teach others. He speaks to investor groups nationwide, hosts free educational webinars, and does a weekly radio show on solutions in real estate.

You can learn from Jason by listening to a variety of educational webinars, coming to a Saturday wholesaling workshop, or partnering with him on a deal.

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